3 channel digital video installation
11 minutes
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The location of this video installation is a church where the carpet has been worn down over the years. The damaged carpet has been mended by duct tape or covered by patches of different coloured carpet. In this installation four dancers, dressed in grey, from head to toe slowly enter the three-screened installation. Their steps have been directed and choreographed by the tape, the coloured patch work carpet and the church furniture that exists; pews, kneelers and a confessional box. Slowly the video images fade from one screen to another introducing sections of carpet and furniture that suggests a dance is going to take place, but the audience never gets to see the completed piece, they are witness only to the preparatory moments, the moment before the event. These movements tease the camera as the dancers step into a frame for only a brief moment, as though they are about to begin, attempting the same moves only to continually fail.